These tax filing services are becoming really honest all of a sudden what with the economic collapse.

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    Haha what the fuck's that?
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    Just changed the inner html in the browser.

    Endless possibilities.
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    Fucking US has the worst commercials I've ever seen, this TurboTax thing has gotta be top 3 most annoying commercials ever
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    @rui902 It plays on a loop at guitanamo bay.

    It has been classified as both a weapon and a torture device by 17 different international organizations.
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    Meanwhile, Dutch tax agency just says:

    "Hey, we fired all our employees (literally, out of a cannon) and are now fully run by robots. Please log in on our website... We pre-filled everything. We know what you earned, how much your house is worth, how many shares you own, we know about your bitcoins and the drugs your sold on the dark web, we deducted your study costs, and charged your dog for pooping. Your waterboardtax for dykes (it's not about torturing lesbians) is charged separately later... Also, since you're white, you are not capable of committing fraud so you're exempt from our wildly racist randomized fraud detection algorithm. Please just click OK to automatically receive your tax deductions back on your bank account"

    It's quite an amazing system. Personally, I've never spent more than 5 minutes a year on my taxes. But I have a Dutch-sounding last name, so their dystopian AI likes me I guess. 🤷
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