"Schrödingers CPU": When your processor randomly and for no apparent reason spins up to 100% and brings the whole system to a halt. Bringing up task manager takes forever,
and when it finally appears so you could see what process is the culprit, it quickly drops back to normal again leaving you with no clue on what happened.

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    "[...] The processor is in both a halt state and not halt until one open the task manager to check the processes and their consumptions." - Schrödinger, Erwin, 1935
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    When in doubt, blame windows.
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    Process Monitor is your friend.
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    @localdam Schröndinger's OS
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    Perhaps u just helped ddos the internet
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    My money is always on Windows Update.
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    This recently happened to a new win production server of my client. Of course, he restarted the whole thing before i could get at the logs to see if and what in my system was the culprit (though i basically know it wasn't, this never happened on the previous machine it was running on).
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