So i tried getting some games i play on windows to work with wine and steam.
After swearing and installing all the shitty dependencies it doesnt feel any good. And worst of all i knew not all games are going to work though.

As i wanted a good and portable setup i thought alright maybe this is going to be a good use case for docker. But its a pure nightmare to get everything running fine. At the end i gave up that shit.

So dual boot is still the only way for me to be able to play games without hacks and an unreasonable amount of work.

Using gpu passthrough to kvm is a pure nightmare too. I mean what the hack, the best way to use it is to have two fcking video cards?! And yeah the integrated intel shit graphics are no option.

I mean why the fuck is it even necessary to perform dirty hacks because the most game publishers dont give a fuck about linux.

Seriously it isnt that fucking hard! And Proton is a good step for some games, but only as a temporarily solution, that only exists because of shitty game publishers.

It is horrible, its 2020 and i still cant get fully independent from windows, no matter how hard i try.

Is it that fucking hard to add builds for linux to their shitty games?!

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    @molaram "fuckton of money and time"

    You mean clicking "export to linux" in your game editor?
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    @yellow-dog that needs management approval and at least 10 meetings. At first meeting your click is denied cause of sales guy who showed them sales charts.
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    @molaram dunno, probably corporate bullshit, but i know for a fact that a lot of big studios use commercial engines now instead of their own ones.
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    if you’re lucky and higher level manager backed you on first meeting cause his kid use linux there are 9 more meetings.

    1. marketing meeting where they think where to place linux label - followed by 4 more meetings ( at least ) where someone need to explain non technical people what linux is ( no it’s not playstation )

    2. 3 legal meetings ( at least ) where nobody knows if they can use name linux or linux logo in different countries or decide how to get approval from linux to run things on their platform ( no linux is not only ubuntu)

    3. Sales meeting but they just ignore that shit cause they don’t know how to sell linux so they will yell at you and at the end say “do what the fuck you want and live us alone we have KPI to do” so it’s ok

    3. steak holders meeting where they will make final decision if they want to run on new platform and want to contact with new platform owner to meet him before they make their final decision

    And that’s a click of a button.

    Don’t get me started how this button you want to click was created at first place.
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    @molaram Nah just spent to much time on meetings like that
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    Just install steam, library> software and install proton? idk I haven't used linux non-casually since 2 years
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    Two followup points:
    1) Steam + Proton
    2) Lutris

    The first will save you weeks of headaches.
    The second will save you from the same, at least occasionally, on that one game you really want to play that otherwise refuses to work. YMWV.

    A third point for our btw Arch users:
    3) AUR
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    @Root league has a wine config in aur so im happy
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    @melezorus34 Proton is basically boosted Wine and doesnt support all games ._.
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    @Root Jup Lutris is working fine for overwatch. But the rest of my games doesnt work with lutris :(
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    @Reymann I know, and as far as I can remember you don't have to mess with wine-tricks
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    @vane acthually phleystetion iz lynix bc fhrehbsdeh

    anyways, it's mainly as sales reps and shit dunno what the fuck linux is

    Also winetricks/GameOnLinux/Proton is a decent step up from manual Wine.
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    @Parzi ackhually, linus sebastian has linux installed on his brains
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    @yellow-dog Write once, debug everywhere!

    It's not really about exporting it for Linux, it's about fixing bugs and discovering, then working around platform & driver incompatibilities. The way drivers work in Linux, they can't just tell users to upgrade a driver as they'll usually need to upgrade the kernel as well, and I think you know pretty well what that brings with it. All that work for what, 1% market share? Be damn hard to justify it economically...
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