CEO and board members are in town for a meeting and getting shown around. They get to our area chatting loudly and CEO go "shhhh... Be quiet"

(Looney tunes voice)
Me: "we're hunting wabbits!"

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    Good job of your CEO!
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    That's awesome!😄
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    Our board is in town so our CEO made my coworker redesign and order all new store department signs for our flagship store... by 5pm yesterday... for today... delivered on 4' x 4' chloroplast signs. There are 20 of them.
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    Bravo! Was your CEO a dev?
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    @Jumpshot44 nah, he just asked them to be quiet so he could speak and I have poor impulse control.
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    Did he hear it?
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    @DeveloperACE yup, I got some sniggering and a lot of confused looks of the "did that just happen?" Type
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    @Raich did anyone get mad?
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    @DeveloperACE nope, they moved on. It's not the first time by far I do stuff like that
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    Laughed so hard at this :D
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