I build an video-course platform on a VPS. But the videos uploaded are filling up its space really fast.

Am I doing it wrong? What would you choose to host the videos?

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    The videos should be loaded from separate CDN servers that are strong in bandwidth and storage.
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    * lossless compression
    * lossy compression
    * upload limit
    * realizing that video hosting is inherently extremely expensive and you just have to deal with large file sizes
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    fuck that noise. video hosting is not expensive if done right. how the fuck would all them porn sites survive otherwise. just fine tune your monetizing strategy.

    just get good at the game, its called transcoding.

    congrats on doing something constructive. Do NOT give up, you CAN make it work. I mean that, it's not the casual "you can make it" bullshit, look at all the fucking retards making millions out of pirated movie sites, you think those guys know what the fuck they're doing?
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    @molaram thanks. You really cheer me up. I am searching for the best solution right away. Microsoft Azure Disc Storage seems good to me.
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    @Wombat not sure how cocksucking azure bill you but i'd stay away from any cloud that charge on bandwidth.

    one of my setups: shit $800 NAS + 50 pounds of hdds on a fiber LAN with a bunch of 10y old shitty HPs serving to the web. TCO less than the last AWS bill. kept customer facing web app there for scaling.
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    You'll probably be better off with a dedicated server for cheap storage and lossy compression.
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    Gdrive, mega, whatever, any file hosting site. Even youtube, and unlist the videos.
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