Hi everyone! In your opinion what's the best place/resource to start learning OOP? And what application would you recommend? C# or C++?

I'm already into building websites so this is the next step for me. Thanks!

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    C++ for websites? Good luck!
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    Learn the language first.
    If you want problems to solve use https://projecteuler.net/archives

    OOP is one design principles out of many, but having a grasp of application programming will help.
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    Learn FP instead and be an elitist 😆
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    C# or java. I vouch for java - everything is an object :)
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    I'd definitely recommend c# or java, they're quite similar
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    You could also give PHP a try. It has oop too and is very common for developing homepages. Not to forget that it is perfect for working with http stuff and databases.
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    I went from web, to python, to java, to flutter, to JS frameworks, etc. Try a little bit of everything!
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    C# and C++ are languages, working applications might be your job. What is your target system and problem(s) you are trying to solve?
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