Give up, learn a useful skill for the coming apocalypse

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    If you can't hack it just smash it.
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    Apocalypse due to dedollarization.

    Countries losing reserve status, or in effect losing it, tend to have some living standards loss and end up having political blowback. Tradewar, as badly as it was needed, really just incentivized china to move more rapidly toward baskets of resources and currencies instead of greenbacks--something they had already been planning on anyway.

    Ironically this just means the values of stock in bed with the surveillance state, google, amazon, et all will go up. The larger the territory, the more volatile it becomes in major economic transitions. And electronic surveillance is cheaper than hiring people, case in point the municipal bond crisis threatening the pension bubble right now. Thats what the 'defund the police' thing is actually about. Cities are broke as a fucking joke.

    Makes for expensive taxes on all that property banks have been buying up in droves though lololol. Sucks to be them. I expect a new mortgage bubble.
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