Thanks to @C0D4 I rediscovered Folding@Home!

I've been running this on a very powerful server at home at full-speed for a few days now (quite some cores being used to the max right now, it's like I have a vacuum cleaner running full-time in my place 😄)

Then, last night it hit me that I have quite a few servers running close to idle (rented ones).....

I'm now running a total of 4 servers at full capacity with Folding@Home.

Can recommend!

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    @C0D4 thanks for reminding me that this exists ;)
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    Are you on a team?
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    You know, I think I should run this on this one unused VPS I have left, too.
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    Happy to be of service.
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    @C0D4 "Thanks for your service o7 o7"

    Wait... Wrong thing

    By the way, I'm impressed with how many people are contributing. We're over 2.5 ExaFLOPS!
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    @Jilano show me the flopp....ies.
    I didn't think that through.
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    @C0D4 We all know you did!
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    I almost do all my works, which will get more than an hour to be done on my own laptop, with servers of where I work. I asked for permission and they had no problem. :D
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    Do they allow people to "group up" to contribute to like a computation "subpool"?

    You know, so groups can compete to aggregate the most compute?

    That would be kinda cool.
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    @Wisecrack yes! That's the concept of teams
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    @epse stop. Please. I can only get so hard!
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    Be careful or your electric bill will skyrocket.
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