I hate my coworker. I'm currently working in IT, but both my former full-time programming and my IT work has taught me how to dig for things and find them. He has learned this, and is CONSTANTLY bringing me things that have NOTHING to do with my job because he's too fricking LAZY to do it himself.

"Hey, there's a credit memo on this Amazon statement. I'd like to know what it was for, thanks."

SO LOG ONTO AMAZON AND LOOK FOR IT WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYEBALLS. I've got my own work to do without doing your AP detective work for you. THAT'S PART OF YOUR JOB.

But unfortunately I REALLY hate conflict and so I just do it for him, seething the whole time and knowing I've just reinforced the behavior.

EDIT: Before anyone says it, no it is not because he's stuck. If someone is at the end of their rope I'm glad to help them. But I've taken to asking him "so what have you tried?" And every single time he says "nothing." It's gotten to the point he'll literally say, "Hey can you do this for me? I haven't looked at it at all or tried anything." But he just doesn't catch on.

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    I’ve been there, still get this sometimes.

    It’s just a dilemma of being too nice vs being unhelpful arrogant.

    This works most of the time:

    Delay doing anything, endlessly. When they ask, just say I’ve been stuck with something else will look into it later... or if it’s urgent, you can do this this this to do it by yourself.

    Remember, doing it isn’t your responsibility. It’s better to be a bit harsh today than hating that person completely in long run.
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    Are you me?
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    Used to be me. Then I started asking "how did you try to do/fix it?". Simple question. Makes them realize that they are being unfair. Even if they HAVE tried, your next answer will be how they can try in other ways.
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    @mint90 see my edit 😔
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    @MySlugLikesSalt then the ultimate solution. Say yes immediately. Then keep delaying.
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