So here's why I'm irritated ,
Day 1:I got a call from a company about an internship from a mutual contact they wanted to build an Zomato kind of application for retailers the person asked me to do it in react native which i didnt know and so I said i have experience with Android development i can do it in android he wanted a multi platform based development well i said i could learn but i haven't work on such a big project I'm still a student I'm a freshers so i didn't have the confidence to say yes so he gave me two day to make up my mind.
Day 2: I called him back i said I'm ready to develop the application I'll learn like crazy but i wont miss out on this opportunity so he was like we are not interested in react anymore we are thinking about going android and ios native I'm like great that i can work with but he shifts to I'm still thinking about flutter as well I'm like I know a lil flutter i had attended few conferences in it he asked can you brush up and I'll call you up tomorrow .
Day 3 : so he called me today and was ya so did you brush I'm like yes I'm ready to start working i need to work on my dart but as an expected internship I'll work on the development as I learn I'm totally in he said how long would it take I said I'm not confident 2,3 weeks but i could definitely provide you with what you want I'll work my ass off .He says fine then learn flutter first get back to me then we will think about it . I'm like ahhhhhh
So please what did i do right what did i do wrong can anyone please tell I'm a noob i need to learn a lot of things would appreciate your feedback
What should have i done here?

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    Run. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's indecisive and has no plan. I would fully expect him to change requirements mid-stream on a regular basis, and claim it's because his brain works at a higher level than ordinary people. He will treat you like shit, and pay almost nothing.

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    @bahua +++++++ fully agree. Run kid
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    @bahua if i was more confident in giving him a deadline would that have made a difference in getting me the project
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    @oddmemtius No, as you don't provide the deadline, he does. Run as far as possible as fast as possible.
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    And for god's sake find a place with a decent mentor who could teach you proper basics and where the company would have decent established practices. Truth is that you will not learn best practices by working alone by googling everything and making it good enough by sticking everything together. I dont know your skill level but trust me working alone with no senior/mid level colleagues and shitty bosses who give you insane deadlines will not make you a better coder. Anyone with half brain, passion for problem solving and knowing how to google could stick together a working app. But wether it will be a decent app with proper architecture that is another question. At this point basically find an environment where you could grow. Dont let them take advantage of you, think about what you want from them.
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    @zemaitis thanks that was very valuable i consider myself that stubborn half brain programmer who is passionate for problem solving my whole objective is to learn and grow but as current market stands its hard to get a decent mentor really appreciate your feedback
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    @Parzi oh ok i wasn't sure cause working on a college project and gauging my skills and giving a deadline to deploy a fully functioning application feel very different so i wasn't sure how much time a project like this should require
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