According to devRant there are a lot of bad developers. How did they get hired and did they like and know what they were doing?(i also wonder how many devs think programming is shit just because they never properly align and arrange the code?)

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    i got to know one in my personal experience. The reason he got hired because of his impressive portfolio and I guess someone referred him to HR.
    The problem with him was he was just a bad student. Never tried to learn anything in depth about CS. And he had no interest on learning new things.
    Most of the project he was assigned returned with outdated 3rd party plugins which is hackable in 12 minutes.
    And that's how he got fired.
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    @NotNihan oh. Cs is computer science right? Also, you can't be a developer if you don't like learning new stuff. You always have to learn.
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    I've experienced 2 types of bad programmers, the ones that tell you you're wrong without evidence and the ones that don't design then blame others when things go wrong.

    The first is fine until they work with people (after they get the job).

    The second is fine on a small scale (they don't work on anything big until after they get the job).
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