There was a colleague working on some functionality , he worked it well and I didn't bother to check his code, asi thought he may be writing it well.

But when I needed to fix some functionality , I seen the code and I don't belive it was a complete shit... But still works ....
Has anyone experienced the same ....

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    In my opinion your question must be "Has anyone Not experienced the same?".

    At least I am face the same thing... My co-worker makes a working code but oh God it's mostly a mess to look at. I don't even want to go into that. I wonder what a trouble I'll be in if he leaves before me.
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    Thid might be your life for the next few decades. Buckle up, and put your seat belt on. It is going to be a dev ride
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    "Shoveling other people's shit" is basically my career so far in a nutshell. At this point I'm even open to laws that prevent cowboy coders to jump to the next project before they actually have to maintain their messes.
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    If you haven't, are you really a developer?
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    @RikaroDev hahah
    Those already left and only I am.managing those . My other colleague now don't even want to see the code 😂
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    @m0nk hahah, yeah I have accepted this . From mostly start of my career I am seeing this , even if I explain others to write optimally, they ignore with a joke 😂
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    @VaderNT I can understand you bro , me too open for the law 😂
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    @evertiro there can be chances people have not seen , but yeah I am a developer
    But if you have to first explain the issues to the management team and to fix , you become like a project manager , rather than actually doing and fixing the code 😂
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