On top of all the shit that's going on right now... This morning my shower head broke of, so now I can/have to hose myself to cleanlines.. Can't wait for corona shit to pass so I can start looking for a new place to live that will hopefully not fall apart.. :/
And then my laptop decided to do a harikiri.. MMD! Fuuuuck oooofffff!!

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    Didn't yu ripoff a customer or something
    This is black magic :p
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    @Taqsblaz3 You wish.. maybe if I was ripping off people I could actually afford a decent place to live..and a new disk for my laptop..or a new laptop altogether.. :/
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    LOL you've got a point
    So we can rule that one out
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    I wouldn't expect a shower head to be expensive or hard to change.

    I could do with some Automated Customer Self-Repair. Did anyone check if you're eligible?
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    @electrineer It's not, I can probably change it myself even.. but it's a pain in the butt to get one these days.. I just hope some hw stores reopen on monday or I'll have to order online and wait for god knows how long.. :/
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    Happened to my laptop, but it got all fixed next day morning all by itself.
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    @sudo-compile yeah, restarting it twice or trice helps..kinda.. for about 15ish minutes.. until it BSODs again..
    HD is FUBR... need to get a new one..
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    @sudo-compile Also if this is your main computer back your files up ASAP and check if the warranty is stil valid.. Had this problem for a while, first time time rebooted by itself all good, then it happened more and more freequently and had to repair disk..now it just fails after a couple of mins..
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    @sladuled most of my useful work is at AWS or BitBucket. Test are just experiments (backed up at GitLab or GitHub).

    Also I'm hoping to buy a new one after this lockdown ends. The old one has been with me 4+ years.
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