No table and monitor, and having to work ALL THE TIME. Our team structure changed recently, and a coworker with 2 years of experience is my lead. He wakes up at 11-12 in the morning, starts working by around 2, takes enough breaks and sleeps at like 5 AM. He assigns tasks late in the evening and night. Expects people to finish it staying up late, because if he can, why can't we. Most of the time, it's like, hey, just push a little and finish it tonight, we have other things to do tomorrow.
And team mates who can NOT work without help from other people and text and call you every hour.

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    Does your contract states your working hours?
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    @sqlkid I'm actually considering the second option, but unfortunately, finding a new job right now is a little hard 😅
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    @qwwerty Well, yeah, but I don't think I can bring that up and say I can't work outside the mentioned hours, can I?
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    @sudoSandwich What do you mean you can't? If it's there it means you and employer agreed at which hours will the work be performed and if they're forcing you to work outside of them it's against the contract. (Unless they incorporated some sort of a catch...)

    Why should you suffer just because somebody prefers non-standard hours and expects everybody to do the same. Just tell him your contract doesn't cover it.
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