Apparently, working from home means "you are available 24/7 right?" at my current workplace. I am grateful that I have a job, but I do not dig getting emails or my guys getting harassed after hours for things that would normally have to wait until the next day.

I also dislike getting woken up by the Head of Department 1 hour to 2 hours before normal time because of something super-duper-zomg urgent that would normally wait. Which is why my phone is now on silence for phone calls and my notifications for emails is out after hours.

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    i.e. there never was a problem
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    Yep, they woke me up on slack at 3am. I replied back, "who died?"
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    @SortOfTested why is it possible to wake you up by posting something on slack
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    They called me on slack, we use pro
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    @SortOfTested well is it possible to wake you up by calling you on slack either after that experience
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    Yes, unfortunately there are clients on slack where that would be acceptable. This just wasn't one of them, and slack lacks per client DND config.
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    @SortOfTested can't you configure it from your phone's system wide or app wide settings
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    Not for specific users. There are some users I have to answer anytime they call, because they pay for it.
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    *traumatizing triage days flashback*

    I hate people like this. When I was still leading a team, I made a strict rule of people not making any demands after hours or even last minute since we have asshole clients like that. I also had a developer who would come in a few hours late and then ask for support from other members who want to leave the office on time.

    You can impose these rules as hard as you can and people would still occasionally try to work their way around it. Man, I hate people who waste other people's time especially those "passionate" fucks who think people should give a fuck as much as they do and be available 24/7.
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    Nahh you have to draw up boundaries. I tell management to back the hell up and always fight for my guys. They can't do the work I need them to do if they constantly feel overwhelmed. I make sure not to bother anyone in the weekend and keep our hours strictly 9 to 5. No way in hell do I answer calls before 9 am. Unless anyone is paying me to work more than 9 to 5 I.e draw up a new contract with me, then no way man I need a life (even if it involves simply lying about my parents house doing nothing)
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    @witchDev I constantly do it. Its just that the number of people calling my office or contacting me at home has increased drastically. I have gotten in a few arguments already over people bitching about the shit they need or about refusing to give them the numbers of my employees.

    Some people are dense af I swear.
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