worst part of WFH:

- The work PC is the game PC
- The game PC is the work PC
- Feels like i'm playing while working
- Feels like i'm working while playing

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    Install different OSes for Work and for Gaming. Thank me later.
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    @rutee07 don't we all have sad faces?
    *recline chair*
    *cry in italic*
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    @rutee07 yeah, try to wiggle it around. Slap some life back
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    Either give up on gaming or work would be easy solution...
    Installing two different OS or getting a separate laptop would be much harder... :D
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    @codeclassifier i have a laptop (linux, work) and desktop (windows, games), but i share monitor, keyboard and mouse
    Having separate OS help, but still seems like i'm always doing both
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    @aggelalex Wouldn't work. I'd constantly fiddle around with the work one trying to get it to match the other one.
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    I use ubuntu for work and windows for gaming. Worked for my remote work so far last few years.
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