I live mainly on green tea and grissini(bread sticks). Ironically I have a very weak alcohol tolerance but caffeine never seems to have any effect, so i just drink greent tea because it soothes my nerves and tastes awesome while eating low calorie snacks... Another irony is that I'm fat... You would think such a healthy sounding life style would lead to a fit body. Then why the fuck am I still fat god ?! Do you want me to cycle for 50 km everyday for christs sake ??!!!!

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    A sedentary job, not good for piling on the pounds especially when eating crap food during the day. 4 months ago, I stopped having sandwiches and snacks at lunch and switched to "huel" it's a natural based drink with all vitamins and nutrients. Huel.com. I substitute lunch with it and have a proper meal in the evening (although you could completely live off this). It's not that body building crap that's going to fuck you up. I've lost over a stone with just doing this, I feel less tired and more alert. Check it out. I love this stuff.
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    Try to study about nutrition, there is one lie there was and it is saying that eating fat makes you fat. Eating good fat vs low calories - winner is good fat. Just google that
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