Felt like helping out a local brewery with a website due to the pandemic for free beer.

OMG feel like an idiot on how long it takes to set up static site from scratch.

Using the static site generator Hugo is easy but customizing the templates, content writing and the graphics are becoming such a fucking bitch! Especially the fucking graphics and not using photoshop but gimp. Is there something else do not want to learn anything else.

Not even to the hosting yet, I hope AWS for hosting static sites is as cheap as eveyone says. I know there is a learning curve but that is why I took this on so I would have experience with it and can out it on my resume.

New respect for free-lancers that do it all.

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    Just use digital Ocean, it's like 5 bucks a month for an ok web server if it's just static files

    Also why not Photoshop?
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    Welcome to WebDesign?😂

    @shoop because not everyone uses it on a regular basis to have a cost benefit of the subscription model.

    Use Krita, it's PS without the Adobe part, it's also Open Source but well worth paying for.

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    @C0D4 isn't krita free? Also I totally forgot about Photoshop, apologies
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    @shoop it is, but there's no reason Open Source can't be paid for through donations.

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    AWS should be straightforward, chuck your files in an S3 bucket, turn on website hosting. Or to do it properly create a CloudFront distribution to point to your S3 bucket, then Route53 at CloudFront.
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    No license - just have to do simple stuff like making png’s, webp’s and inverting the logo.
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    You might meet your allotted quota in free beers just from frustration drinking :D

    In all seriousness, maybe it's not too late to use digitalocean one-click wordpress server ($5/mo), then install elementor on it (free or $50). It's WYSWYG/drag and drop, and you can add in custom css or JS pretty easily for tweaks. I've saved a lot of time and frustration hacking something together that way. There's a fair bit of nuance to learn with Wordpress, but usually it's less so than doing it from scratch.
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    Thanks guys for the encouragement guys. I have a new appreciation for the guys that can do it all.

    The site looks pretty good now and found it easy to find content to plug in instead of rewriting the go templates. Not interested in learning another templating language but seems like mustache and blade.

    Hugo is actually pretty cool static site generator you work in the command line so it somewhat feels like you are doing dev work.
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    *linus sebastian’s voice*

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    Free beer for every month the website is up*
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    For a second I thought you were serious.
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