how can you stand the fact the guy who owns your company was able to bleed chalets and luxuries out of the product you worked on for him while you struggle to afford buying a house

i cant get over this fact

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    @sweetnothings ♥♡♥
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    He created the company and provided money to start it up so of course he has to get return on his investment. Your salary isn't really related to the product too much as you're just selling your labour to him. If you're not content you should sell your labour for more compensation
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    @matt-jd or take on the increased responsibility and risk as @sweetnothings so wisely suggested.

    @sleek I understand and feel your gripe. But you cannot expect equal compensation for unequal investment. Your job would not exist without the founders' and investors' efforts and appetites for risk. But your risk? Basically zero.

    Honestly, our jobs are a lot less stressful, and im okay with that. I don't want 50 people's livelihoods resting on my shoulders and glorious lack of social skills. I'll find my own path to riches.
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    @Root i get that but i was just thinking, you developed a feature in a month that made tens of thousands of dollars in profit, another enhancement that cut infra costs, and so on. the owner ends up with millions for what u did, while u just get a salary he spends on a weekend.

    Just makes u think its a shame that you are capable of getting all that profit to a company that wont share it with u.

    and I agree, going indie can solve that. or.. it can end up in u doing amazing techy stuff but getting no clients resulting in ur bankruptcy.

    And since i dont wanna lose my savings i just end up staying an employee making my boss millions and earning scraps.

    i know thats just capitalism and its to be expected.. but it pisses u off just the same.
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    @sleek I don't understand why you put capitalism in this at all? Are you mad about that taking extra risks may come with extra rewards?
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    Yu are crying over nothing here

    You've got the power to build your own company equally or even better

    That power is in those brains of your and those fingers of yours

    Instead of building software/features that benefits someone

    Why not build them to benefit you

    I get it not all of use got the courage to start a company
    But it's worth a try and yu don't hve to do it alone
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    Capitalism is what allows you to do the exact same thing. Why knock it?

    There's opportunity if you just have the will to pursue it!
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