I swear I hate seeing these wannabe programmers sharing their shit content on social media. I mean, I respect people who are getting into programming and giving it their best. But one just doesn't write "Fuck Types" when talking about a Dart. I mean, atleast open the introduction page of that language before you jump and start giving people "pro tips". Stop skimming over technologies/languages and dive a bit deep to understand how it works.

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    Tl;Dr brand builders suck
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    To the "fuck types" noob: "Fuck *you*, you're obviously not the *type* for programming"
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    They're worse than us amateur mathematicians.

    At least we don't drool on ourselves and eat crayons all day.

    Brand builders really are the worst.
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    What does term "brand builders" mean?
    Is it a bunch newbie programmers praising the technologies built by big tech giants?
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    @scorpionk basically, absolutely newbie programmers who advertise their immense knowledge on social media platforms, to show problem people they know so much
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    @scorpionk they show off, trying to build their name into a recognized "brand".
    IOW they're on social media for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe for the right reasons, the use of "social media" beyond attention whoring still eludes me.
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    I'm seeing this a lot lately on social media platform, posting about official workshops/meetups and goodies they get from big companies and how awesome goodies and workshop.
    It's not bad. But it's get repetitive and once they starts bragging about language/framework and become a language/framework fanatic, it gets annoying.
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    @VaderNT I know attention whoring from instagram. Especially girl who post about programming but picture focuses on the girl rather than laptop, with loads of makeup. I wonder if they were coding or doing model photo shoot while capturing the picture.
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