So this is my github account
Only a small script on it for now.

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    Why is every variable a single character?

    You loose context quickly of everything happening in those nested while loops.
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    Because I'm ADD and longer variable names bother me.

    It's almost the code equivalent of a shitpost. Wadda ya want from me?
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    @Wisecrack I want the world! 😅

    Haha, no, but I wasn't shit posting.
    I was intrigued and went looking and got lost with the lack of naming.
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    @C0D4 You're looking at the hana script?

    Basically all it does is:

    calculate a variable (could call it anything) named h

    Divides our starting value by h.

    Assuming we could divide our lowest factor (lets call it a) by h, like so a/h, then we only need

    iterate from √p/h to a/h to find a/h.

    Any case, at each iteration we multiple by h again, adding some modifier value (m) and checking if it is a factor of our product by dividing by it and then taking the modulus 1 to see if theres a remainder.

    We stop when we find a value of a/h (f is a placeholder for a because a is what we're trying to find) that returns 0 for p/floor(f*h)+m % 1

    Of course we iterate m a little too (k is a max value for m but I just plugged a hard number in there because fuck it).

    Edit: I was talking about my janky-ass code when I wrote about shitposting, not talking about you :P
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    Why, are you disappointed?

    edit: I'm averagely endowed if thats what you're asking, but I DO have a tongue that would legit put Gene Simmons to shame.
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    > some black people can even blow themselves.

    One of my former roomates I knew could do this. Discovered it one night to my lasting regret (always knock before entering any room)

    Imagine the bar bets he could win! Imagine!

    You know you want to!
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    @sweetnothings they were just jealous bitches.
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