Yet another night where my mind won't slow the fuck down, so i've just been laying in bed, perfectly awake, for the last 9.5 hours.

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    Get tf up and do something then lol

    Just laying there knowing you can't sleep is a waste of valuable time. I hate whenever it happens to me.
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    Sucks right? 😟
    I usually try this technique used by the us military. It works half of the time. https://independent.co.uk/life-styl...

    And what i always do before going to bed is some 5 minutes Qi Gong exercise to relax. https://youtu.be/cwlvTcWR3Gs
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    @Stuxnet yes but i have to go do physical labor in about 2 hrs and i'd like at least a little sleep before then, but it's not gonna happen... might as well kick back and wait.
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    @Parzi shit man if your lifestyle habits ain't as unhealthy as possible, ya ain't doing it right.

    A week of sleeping from 5-6pm to 11pm kicked my ass. I'm finally back on a normalish schedule but the downside is I'm tired by 10pm and it pisses me off.

    This shit sucks
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    Wait, you guys sleep?
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    How high is your caffeine intake? stop it completely and after a while of hibernation, you will get normal sleep back.

    I have no solution for you if your life is stressful and you rely on caffeine to drag your own arse out of bed tho. #NoRestForTheWicked #ImOnTheSameBoat
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    @NoMad Not that high, actually. It's mainly just what's available, i'd be just as happy with non-caffeine soda or like juice or some shit, but the others in the house are addicted and our water smells like dog piss and tastes like a wet cat.
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    I use 2 simple techniques that WORK if after two hours I'm still there wide awake:
    1) I'm going back to work.
    2) Gin, Straight. At least a quadruple (not that I would measure servings at that point).
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    So so so familiar.

    I take melatonin and my brain just laughs. And I just cry.
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    @Root yeah i have extra strength apnea, i know how that feels
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