Is it bad that I'm excited about going back to work from tomorrow?
Like, I haven't even done jackshit throughout the break, and so it won't be easy jumping back in with both feet.

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    It's great you're excited to go back. Just take care from COVID :p
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    @Lyym made my own mask, as you know. 😛
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    @NoMad yes, but people are kinda dumb... :P
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    I'm excited just to be able to step out of the house during these times 😁
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    Am I the only one that is looking forward to staying more at home and completely dreading having to go back to the office???
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    @witchDev nah I would too but my work is fun and my immediate boss is adorbs.
    Plus, I'm procrastinating dissertation work.
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    break? u were supposed to be working from home !
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