I am officially no longer writing one line of HTML.
Or any line that has to do with anything fucking front-end.

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    Welcome to the light brother

    Or should I say... the darkness of the terminal
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    @alexbrooklyn never should have left
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    @sqlkid yes. To me it is ridiculously redundant and ugly! Demotivating
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    i find it very demotivating as making a good looking a responsive UI and hooking it up to the backend takes way longer than writing the backend for it
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    @sleek very true. Its why I stick to the backend. Html and css or styled components or every frontend framework suck ass.
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    It also feels like there are soooooo many frameworks out there im like whaaaaaat.
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    @JamieMGS lol i liked the part where they cant make it work on their iMacs hahahahaha
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    Congrats on escaping Hell!
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