Do you all rcmd me desktop pc or laptop for running vm and some heavy software like photoshop and premiere pro ?

Im deciding between a mid tier pc or a high end laptop after my laptop of 9 years just gone laggy n shows bluescreen everytime i open chrome.
Also, what gear are you using for your projects ?

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    I had that same issue last year.
    I ended up with an MSI Gv62 with I7 cpu and 6GB GTX1060 upgrades.

    Not much it can't handle for project / gaming workloads, but it weights a bunch, I wanted to buy a laptop for some mobility when I need to take it out and about, but for the specs I wanted from a decent pc setup for heavy gaming.

    It's a year old now, and I don't regret it a bit, my credit card did though 😅
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    2019 MacBook Pro, Lenovo X1 ex gen 2.
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    @SortOfTested thanks ^^ will add this to my list
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    @C0D4 just afraid i paid for one crappy one. Laptop mainly for portability yeh but my mind tells me desktop has more customization and power. Sadly i dont have enough place at my dorm to setup a pc..
    my heart itches when i see my cousin's setup but my wallet is crying for help too..
    either way, thanks for the recommendation ill add it to my list ^^
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    Dell XPS 15 laptop. Expensive machine, but with an i9, 1050ti, 4k touch display and 32 gigs of ram, it's an absolute beast to work with.
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    @corjaantje ye I've heard good things abt it and was actually considering it
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