- not seeing and hugging my colleagues (I miss hugs SO much, with everyone)
- everything being online, which makes it less serious and more like a game I can just turn off. It makes it very hard to keep myself motivated

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    I miss hugs too. Also can't wait to go to a party again.
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    Hugging co-workers?! I already hate shaking hands.
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    Oh, I hadn't seen the "colleagues" word there... Well I miss hugging my friends. I don't miss my coworkers because I'm a jobless piece of shit 🙃
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    I suspect we are all going to be giving virtual hugs and hand shakes for quite some time.
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    @Fast-Nop we're a very small team and I'm a huggly person :D
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    @shinypotato can confirm the huggy-ness :D
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    Im an introvert. Hugs trigger me. Who wants to hug me? ︻╦╤─
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