ffs windows I should be the one who dictates when you update, fuck you.

Honestly, the best thing I've done this year was switching to Linux, the difference is astronomical.

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    Not only update, but it also restarts my PC after that without asking me

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    Only reason I still use Windows is because 95% of my game library is windows-only and I'm too dumb to setup a gaming linux.
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    Oh no. Is this meme still going?
    You can set a time where the system should never restart for updates.

    What sucks though, is that you need the restart at all, especially so often.

    This is what irritates me so often about people who scream: "Look at me! I use <random linux distribution> and it's so much better then Windows!". They seldom have a fucking clue and also refuse to learn anything about it.
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    @Makenshi yeah, except when it keeps fucking asking you when you want to update with a giant popup while you're in the middle of a CSGO match, and if you ignore it for some time it just says "fuck you" and restarts. Also I don't keep my PC on at night and my windows' clock sometimes is right sometimes is wrong because of dual boot so that time configuration doesn't really work for me. I'd also like windows to stop downloading fucking updates in the background, slowing my internet down and giving me 250+ ping.
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    @Makenshi I've witnessed first hand (multiple times) how windows pretty much ignored update settings and just started regardless (even with a windows 7 to windows 10 update) so excuse me if I'm a bit sceptical about this.
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    @linuxxx I have seen that as well. And in the overwhelming majority of cases it was simply misconfiguration. Based on that i'm also skeptical on those reports. Especially since people love to blame their own shortcomings on anything else.

    Please note, i'm not implying that the OS is bug free, hell no, it isn't.
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