Do you really need to put your name on every source file? Like, what the fuck?!

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    - AlexBrooklyn, 2020, born and raised in 1997, son of Peter Brooklyn
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    No one will give you credit, you gotta take it.
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    Nope. Git does that for me.

    Play the (git) blame game!
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    Pre-git, yes!
    Post-git, not so much.
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    I don't want y'all touching my plate of spaghetti
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    for those I designed and coded like personal initiative programs I build to make work faster I put my name but for those I've designed only, I'm shy to ask the developer to add my name as designer.
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    @alexbrooklyn You shall henceforth be known as "Alex Brooklyn Peterson"

    @Stuxnet *touches* Fight me, bro!
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    @C0D4 Post-git? Please, elaborate! Back to SVN?
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    @ScriptCoded as in, using git with the codebase.
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    So people would know what name to put on their tomb when the developer who inherits the spaghetti codebase decides to beat their face out of the planet.
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    For personal projects? Absolutely, along with the relevant OSS licence header and an SPDX comment tag.
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    Well, we use git. So I think that there is no point in adding your name on every file..
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    @thatSomeGuy Couldn't agree more.

    -- Jilano
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    We inherited a project from another company and it has a license header in every damn source file. Listing author, date, and the other company.

    At this point we don't even know what to do with these headers. The author infos are lies because the other company had multiple devs working on everything, and the date is, well, outdated with every Git commit we make.

    I'd simply delete these useless headers if I knew whether it was legal.
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