Me: "Omg, I'm so not sorry you didn't get a response to your 2:00am text sent to my private phone number about that super duper not important thing that a four year old could solve... but my girlfriend gave me a wrist band thingy that puts my phone on silent whenever it thinks I'm sleeping."

Product Owner: "And you can't set it up properly!? Your title says `señor software engineer` for god's sake!"

Me: "Yeah, it does. This is a hardware issue, though."

...is what I told her and she bought it. 🤷‍♂️

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    Fuck this bullshit. I'm not even gonna justify not responding to calls outside my working hours. They give me that attitude, I'll save the conversation, report them, and profit. $$$
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    Exactly what @rutee07 mentioned. You shouldn't even justify yourself in cases like these. Ohh and person who called you and is now butthurt has no face imo..
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    Never apologise, even in jest. These morons take it seriously. Instead, turn the tables on them.

    My response would have been "I don't answer work calls in my personal time, and I don't appreciate the interruption, especially for a non critical issue. This should have been something you were able to solve trivially without my involvement."

    Cc their / your manager in for extra impact.
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    I posted this partially because it's funny and partially because, well, she's my ex and I might have spoiled her doing work related shit in my personal time in the past so I kinda feel guilty. She was blowing me on every lunch break back then, though, so I thought it's clear no blowjobs means no extra hours but apparently the language of love isn't universal. 🤷‍♂️
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