I came from a village, we have animals (like a farm), pigs, chicken, sometimes duck and goose. One day I had to work from home, bc had to come back to parents house. Our daily skype meeting was like this:

* discussing very important IT stuff *
* grandma rushes into my room *
me: sorry, but i have a meeting
grandma: i just wan...
me: but i cannot right no...
grandma: just wanted to know if...
me: grandma, I cannot right now, we have a skyp... im talking with colleagues, on the computer
grandma: * quiet voice * okay, i dont want to interrupt, I just want to know - Did you ordered the ducks?
* what I hear in headphones: collegues and boss LOLd sooo hard *
me: ffs, what ducks?
grandma: did your father not give you the guys number?
me: * starting to sweat * what guy? no he didnt, i have no idea what youre talking about
grandma: * disappointed * then who gonna order them...?
me: ...
grandma: * standing next to me, she hears the laughter * whats that?

since then, if im working from home every skype meeting starts with "Tommy, is your grandma there? HAHA!"

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    Really funny, but you use Skype!!!????
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    @RedBorg i know its not a popular opinion but i dont hate skype haha

    @irene turns out dad ordered them already. Im thinking about ordering devDucks but that shipping fee though
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    That's quality right there. Buy her some ducks for Christmas
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    What happened to mute!?
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    ducking is NSFW
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    @RedBorg design yoyr own p2p voip client
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    @ParkCity Skype ain’t p2p anymore.
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