What is a good option for a Soft DDR2 IP core? By preference something open source. To create a wrapper for a Litex SoC.

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    xilinx mig? It's big and bloated but it works. Open source ones leave seemingly minor features out at times in my experience (but I could be wrong)
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    @RememberMe Im using Altera Cyclone IV E. There is no support for DDR2 in Cyclone IV E in Qsys. But the board I bought has one SOODIM slot and a 1GB memory ram stick.
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    Why would they add a SOODIM ram on a board with a chip that doesn't support DDR, are they dumb? efnjvnlvlkjladvskljhkjshvkjhsvkjlhskvskjavhalkjsvh
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