Is developing on Windows equivalent to squaring the circle? Yeah, obligatory windows bad circlejerk I know.

I’ve been developing a QT5 application for 2 weeks now on my main Linux system. Now, I wanted to make a Windows port for my friends to try.

I install QtCreator on Windows since it’s what I used on Linux. First time setup, I was forced to create an account; I was kind of pissed off but no biggie, I just put “Fuck you” on every credential possible. That’ll teach em.

Now, I needed a decent compiler. Visual Studio is a no go because why the fuck is it so big; also last I checked this thing barely supports C99. So I went with MinGW64 and MSYS2 and made a kit of it. I also went with that because it was the easiest way to get the latest version of GSL and MathGL without having to compile it. Also, the fact that MSYS2 had pacman was pretty nice.

I couldn’t get the thing to work for the whole day until I realized that my kit was pointing to the wrong compiler, turns out msys64/mingw64/bin/g++ and msys64/usr/bin/g++ are two different things. Ok whatever

Now, I just need to hunt down all the .a files and throw it in the LIBS option to get the libraries to work.

I finally made a successful build. Only to find that the application did absolutely nothing. I went with copy pasting the dlls into where the exe was located and launching it manually only to find the error “Application could not start correctly”

Yeah, I might be a retard but fuck you Windows. All I had to do on linux was just install qtcreator on my package manager and let the library dependencies be handled automatically and I could start doing my work right away.

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    What is your problem with Windows ?
    I use QT on Windows too. All I had to do was Install QT with the installer and I had everything ready to go.

    Everything you complain about is because of QT not Windows.
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    @gsdt but but but winblows bad reeeee
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    As much as I agree, we probably shouldn't encourage the Google feed drive by 😝
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    I use Qt with python on Windows
    →0 problems :-)
    →Nice desktop apps
    Here is a link to my python based Qt5 UI to py app
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    Always funny these stories :)

    I have similar, but reversed experience. Set the scene: The year was 2009. C# mono was barely out and barely working. Xamarin was in infancy stage.

    Working on a school assignment (A portal for teachers and students of a car driving school) and my stupid ass decides : “Well, it’s too simple to do with Visual Studio, .net, sqlexpress and web forms, let’s make it work on linux with apache server and mysql database”.

    And to make it a bit more fun, the distribution was fedora (yeah youy know, the distro where you can’t play mp3 out of box)
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    Well, it took me more than a DAY to setup linux environment. Everything I knew about .net didn’t help a bit with configuring apache to run .net. I managed to make all of it work eventually. I think I even kept source code of this “beauty”

    I was so interested in “Can I do it ?” and never asked my self if I Should.

    Ah yeah : And let’s hook a Windows Mobile 6.5 .net with openGL as an mobile app. (This one I could not build on linux)

    For your problem : Can you cross build for windows from Linux with QT ? If yes, it could’ve take less time to setup a linux VM
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