omg guys, i've been researching about keyboard for like a week, and haven't settled with any choices. kinda hard with tight budget ($50 to $112). i want a compact, mechanical keyboard primarily for typing (i prefer with keypad but maybe optional if removing that making the keyboard look sleek) and also i don't like surface and apple style thin keyboard. what do you guys use ?

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    I have dozens of keyboards. My mains are 75% like the keychron k2, a few TKLs, some 60% two plancks and an ergo dox. I prefer qmk, but it's not mandatory.

    75% keyboards are my workhorses.

    Based on your preferences and budget, I'd recommend the keychron k4. Gateron brown switches if you can get them.

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    I use cooler master mk730 with mx reds, but i think thats out of your budget
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    @SortOfTested that compactness is EXACTLY what i need, thank you !
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    I ended up with the Cooler Master Lite L, but it took me a good 2-3 weeks to settle on something.

    The 75/60% keyboards are to small to be comfortable for me, but do look nice.
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    @C0D4 75/60% by that you mean the size or the number of keys?
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    @wowotek size.

    They are very compact, plus I don't enjoy a keyboard without a numpad.
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    I just bought an AUKEY one, it has a cherry-Mx blue clone switch and while the feeling is great, the blue switches are a bit too loud for my preference. It did cost 54€ incl. one day shipping from amazon.
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