100% Remote android development jobs guys?
Anyone any exp in that? I want to travel around when corona is over but keep on working full time and earn at least 70k eur. Is that feasable? Remote seems to be still for digital nomads Backpacker as far as i can see. How can i bootstrap my research into this? Fyi senior android dev with 7 years of exp in mobile software development

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    www.nomadlist.com there you‘ll get to know other nomads.

    also you may want to have look at the digital nomad documentary www.onewayticket.io

    further as someone from Germany you’re in luck. The minister of labour wants to keep the work from home rule even after the lockdown is fully lifted. Citing decreased car traffic pollution as the reason.
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    For once I agree with a German minister
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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Imagine a world of digital nomads just traveling around and helping each other out and giving themselves shelter....
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    Don't you dare give me credit, that was all him 😋
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    @noyb try https://www.couchsurfing.com/

    But it‘s not all butterflys and rainbows. Digital nomadism has the potential to become a new form of neo colonialism. And flying around the world isn‘t good for the climate.
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    @heyheni I really feel that a big part of us as humans are Explorers. As for me i havent been travelling much as i spent the last 15 years just learning and working.

    But the romanticism aside. I cannot envision myself of settling down yet. I tried but i just feel the need to be on the road again. This time i would like to have the work part settled though.😅
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    @noyb yes of course but did you ever hear of the tragedy of the commons?
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