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    Still better than vim
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    @shoop vim > vi

    oh and vi > emacs
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    Nano > vim
    Micro > nano
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    @shoop yes
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    ++ notepad++

    I even use it in Linux via Wine.
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    Notepad++ is nice. But its certainly not for everything. Personally I have mine modified quite a bit to give me what I consider missing functionality.
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    I started with Notepad++ years ago and its still a decent editor. I mean it is basically better than eclipse.

    Okay thats not hard but its at least not hanging up regulary. Has some what autocomplete and most importantly has syntax highlighting. So why not?
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    @Reymann Yes, it just works. Nothing fancy and starts up quick. If it dies, just restart and keep working.
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    I have about 25 not saved tabs in notepad++, hopng it saves them.

    You know, little things, production passwords, some api keys.
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    Notepad++ is actually pretty good. I'll stick to it if I wasn't working in the terminal all the time.
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    @rutee07 nano wtf then !

    The only terminal editor I find usable (Ok, I need to use an editor in terminal like once a year, so didn't test most of them)
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    @NoToJavaScript Yeah, but "nano" means small and VIM means "Vertically Inclined Meat" which suits my package better.

    I wish I can give you a better reason on why I choose vim but that's really it. I just need big PP energy.
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    Notepad++ is the most underrated editor out there.
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    @rutee07 Best answer ever, I think.
    Honestly, more and more I believe : use whatever the fuck you want to code/use. As long as it doesn’t change spaces by tabs in git repo
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