Java — Eclipse
Rust, C++, etc. — IntelliJ
HTML, CSS, text — VS Code

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    Any reason you use Eclipse for Java over Intelij?
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    @olback Eclipse has some features that IntelliJ lacks. For example by ctrl-hovering over a function you get a tooltip that lets you directly go to the function declaration, implementation and return type declaration.
    IntelliJ does have "Go to declaration" but only with a keyboard shortcut
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    Hmm I might now consider switching back to eclipse. I honestly don't really care about what IDE I use for Java Development anymore, they all kinda feel the same. I had switched from eclipse to IntelliJ a long time back, but perhaps I'll try eclipse once again.
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    @mahir-halani If you don't care about specific features you should probably stick to IntelliJ. It does feel more modern than Eclipse and also supports a proper dark mode
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    @12bitfloat I'll still look into some of these specific features, since you never know what you might need, but for lightweight projects IntelliJ will remain my IDE of choice for Java Development. And yeah, the dark mode and looks were the reason I had initially switched from eclipse over to IntelliJ. Thanks for the advice though.
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