Java — Eclipse
Rust, C++, etc. — IntelliJ
HTML, CSS, text — VS Code

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    Any reason you use Eclipse for Java over Intelij?
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    @olback Eclipse has some features that IntelliJ lacks. For example by ctrl-hovering over a function you get a tooltip that lets you directly go to the function declaration, implementation and return type declaration.
    IntelliJ does have "Go to declaration" but only with a keyboard shortcut
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    @mahir-halani If you don't care about specific features you should probably stick to IntelliJ. It does feel more modern than Eclipse and also supports a proper dark mode
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    Right click and then go to definition in IntelliJ...
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    @dennie170 Which is slower than a hotkey and therefore bad for my productivity
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    @12bitfloat sounds like a weird reason to not want to use a certain IDE personally. Especially because there are multiple ways to do it in IntelliJ:
    - right click go to definition
    - Cmd + left click
    - cmd + B

    But whatever floats your boat of course
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    @dennie170 Cmd+Left click is only go to declaration (which is great) but I'm still missing "Go to return type" and "Open super implementation", etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I love IntelliJ. It's my main IDE for everything except Java. But for the latter Eclipse is still way more productive for me
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