From long Using Visual Studio Code for Programming.

Why i love
supports Typescript
supports java
plugins available like linter, git lense

Best for small web app projects.

And Favourite IDE, intellij Idea

Why ?
For writing java i use as
it can easily generate getter setters
and build process.
best for java.

last but not the least
why ?
because most of the devops configuration, requires to be done via terminal only and i often use nano.
it is good for shell scripting,
editing configurations

that is all....

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    oh, Nano - that one I forgot to mention in my rant :) it's already integrated in most Unix OSs and doesn't make me to recall any vim-like bindings and commands - just to modify that fricking config file (#YouHadOneJob vim).
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    @vintprox hahaha yeah bro
    Vim is like the black forces that is powerful but dangerous at the same time.
    Also you can enter easily, but the exit is hard, if you know 😂
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