Okay, I'm feeling a bit better now.
How to stop being a lil bitch? Why does it seem like everyone got the "don't give a shit" patch except me? I'm working hard on getting my shit together, I've made MASSIVE progress, but everytime I'm feeling good and confident and ready to take the world head-on, I just kinda crumble again with the slightest mishap. This needs to stop. I'm really trying SO hard not to snap. Fucking hell, being aware of all this makes it even worse! It's like I'm two people, one is a downer and REALLY good in draining my brain power, the other is the guy who's typing this and knows that life shouldn't be taken this seriously, but doesn't stay in the cockpit for too long. I'm extremely tired and mad. I just fucking hate this.

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    I was letting my screams out rl. That's how I got rid of it. Good luck on keeping your sanity safe.
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    Sometimes you just gotta shut everything down and go for a walk, or take the afternoon off to nap and read and decompress. Life sucks as it is so no reason to make it worse by beating yourself up when it becomes too hard to cope. Hope you're feeling better
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    Sorry, thought this rant is about a Buffer Overflow vuln.
    I am disappointed.
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    Hey, this looks familiar! https://devrant.com/rants/2248213
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    Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
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    Thank you, you lovely people. I'm feeling much better indeed. Self pep talk helps and time heals.
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    Your rant actually helped me realizing the same, thanks
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    i just stopped caring one day, idk man, just seems to happen, like liking coffee or dying or a new javascript framework being released
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    @Parzi 1 gazillion new javascript frameworks have been released since your comment
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