Safari has become the new Internet Exploder.

Change my mind.

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    It is if you dont have an iOS device.
    Just like chrome mobile is if you don't have an android device.
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    Yepp, it doesn't even support next gen image formats like WebP. Oohh this is by Google, so Apple can't possibly support it. So let it fall back on JPG and PNG like IE. Who cares about mobile data volume on iToys.
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    What was the old internet exploder, out of interest?
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    Safari is my default browser at home. But for web development I use Chrome since some time. On the one hand Safari integrates very good in the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand it is in fact on the way to the new internet explorer. At work we have often styling problems just in Safari, the performance is horrible (btw IE has good performance).
    So I would not say that Safari is currently the new IE, but it is on the best way to it.
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    Safari is new Netscape while Chrome is new IE
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    Safari’s main problem is that its almost doing things the same.

    Most of the time it works as expected but when you hit one of the differences it is very frustrating as there are very little info to find and the difference can be subtle but hard to get around.

    And its nit like you can expect them to change it, its just their way to do it.

    Its not as bad as old IE to be honest, especially if you look at IE 7 or 6.

    But it is the odd one out today and had it not been integrated it would probably die out in the competition, but just as MS did, its just not replaceable in its home turf and the problems is to small to warrant users to push them.
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    Safari can die in a hole.
    Just let me use webp, for fucks sake.
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    I would disagree on Safari being the new IE (specially IE9-) or Netscape but it's going to be at the bottom of the list right where IE9- is.

    That being said, once IE is completely phased out (even if it's not gone, like Netscape) and Apple maintain their anti-Web stance then it would be the new IE.
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    @C0D4 could not have put it better
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