So I decided to download OS X iso from a third party website as I don't have a mac. After downloading I couldn't extract the iso file as it showed the zip file was corrupted.

From the comment I found out that the zip file can be only extracted in a mac :/

How is that even possible :/

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    I will tell you one of the many reasons why I hate Apple: They wannabe alternative kids that doesn't follow standards.
    Probably they make zips in a way that only certain programs can read them.
    And, oh, I'm not against changing and revolution things, but standards are here for a reason, make everyone's life simpler.
    Now sudo make me a sandwich
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    There are some that work, you just need to find the right one. Took me quite a long time. I threw it away anyway as it didn't recognize my hardware (obviously).
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    @tahnik there are vm images of Mac OS also available that aren't Mac compressed, but are 7z I believe. They will run on VMware workstation if you run a batch script that changes some registry keys and things to make VMware workstation "see" the Mac OS X image even though it's officially "unsupported". It will even work on a Windows laptop with an amd processor.

    *cough* Not that I've tried any of this. It's uh... purely second hand knowledge. I've totally never ever ever done this myself *couch* ever.
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