People ask me what are u worst at ? I say naming variables in my project

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    Never understood this. Surely you know what you're making, right?
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    Ah yes, my variables are mostly retarded jumbles of letters until IntelliJ is done with my crap and renames them.
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    Explaining something when I lose convincing note, I guess.
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    Comments, they are easy to forget in the afterthought.
    Code testing, at times, there are just too many scenarios that it's difficult the capture them all.
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    and "Joking"
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    as far as what should be simple tasks go? Structure trumps naming any day of the week.

    Do I want to make this all one component or do I want to break it down more. Should it have a direct route or just toggled from another. Do i need slots or can I get away with just passing props. Or maybe just context. Or should I put it in a store so that changes to it's state will remain if they move to another part of the app. May not be necessary now but what about in the future? The debate is never ending.
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    Giving a shit.
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