The more I work with Java, the more I recognize how C# copies Java and yet doesn't admit themselves so. Real hypocrites. F@ck C#.

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    And the last horse finally finishes the race. 🙄

    It was created as an iteration of java for the MS platform. That's literally on the 1.0 marketing spiel.
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    Who cares?
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    Some horses take 20 years to get home @SortOfTested ☚ī¸

    Here's a history lesson for you,


    Influenced by
    C++,[6] Cω, Eiffel, F#,[a] Haskell, Icon, J#, J++, Java,[6] ML, Modula-3, Object Pascal,[7] Rust, VB
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    C# is Java but developed by a company that isn't a greedy dinosaur... Just greedy.
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    That was the entire point, mainly to provide an easy transition for Java devs.
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