You can't even make this shit up.

The British NCSC is stopping with the terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" because it would be racist...

Fucking oversensitive cocksuckers.

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    But black is the blocking of light and white is the passing of light you bloody poss-gargling bottles of necrotic cunt-puss
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    @rutee07 In-fucking-deed.
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    But also, a blacklist isn't the same as a deny list in all contexts and the same with the whitelist so it can have a different technical meaning as well.
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    Next up, grey lists and rainbow lists 😔
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    What about IDE devices, I'm sure they'll have a problem with master and slave too :/
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    @Kirito-kun we already did that
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    @C0D4 Humans are stupid._.
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    The master/slave thing pissed me off, too. They don't mean "primary" and "follower" so you lose meaning by changing the words.

    George Carlin called all of this leftist oversensitive changing of vocabulary "tortured language" -- and with good reason. If you try not to offend anyone and only ever compliment, you muat perform verbal acrobatics to manage it, and you lose almost all meaning in the process. His example was teachers referring to a failing student as "minimally exceptional." Instead of stating facts, it's a tortured compliment that doesn't convey any other meaning.

    Let me pretend to be a snowflake / HR Karen and give another example, then translate it.

    "Our journeyman guest is showing minimally exceptional skill. We should make it our priority to nurture his abilities and meet his additional needs"

    "The intern has been failing pretty hard and writing shit code; maybe give him some pointers, or the boot. Your call."
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    A more nerdy person might describe that as adding multiple layers of abstraction, and they would be right. Apart from adding confusion, all it does is increase the effort required to communicate because now you need to both deduce the original message and fill in the missing/ambiguous information. You also need to respond in the same way (and ensure their interpretation matches what you intended to say) lest your conversation partner become confused or take offense.

    After all, who knows how they would translate a phrase like "journeyman guest," and if they think "minimally exceptional" is derogatory, just imagine how they would feel about calling someone a failure.
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    @Root You made me remember that... Now I'm angry too
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    So how would they translate: "We blacklisted the word 'blacklist'!" into their newspeak? - "We added the word ***list to our deny list"
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    @rutee07 Nah, just use the Spanish word: Negro
    I don't see how that one could be seen as offensive
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    @epse technically black absorbs the light and white reflects it..

    But I agree, people shouldn't be buthurt over black/white lists, master/slave and other techincal terminology that's been established for ages.. :/
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    So it looks us humans have reached a new level of stupidity
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    @BlackOrange Humans #1 *high five*
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    @Jilano If we high five everytime somethi lg stupid like this comes up, our hands will be swollen as well dude.

    But anyways 🙌🙌🙌🙌
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    @BlackOrange Ha! True that!

    PS: (high five)
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    @Root Amen to that !
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    @Root hey, we say “journeyperson” now, don’t assume their gender!
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    @Nanos did I just read that you are discriminating the zombies ?

    I’d we very damn carful with that.
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    @Kashmir you get doxxed, your private life could be ruined. Anyway there is 2 ways I can think of right now what can be done: 1. Use force, violence against them, but it's very bad path to go. 2. Show people that they are bigots by themselves. I like that NPC meme, but to push them back, we need something strong. Anyway whatever I would say I would be labeled as Nazi, because I am white straight male.
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    What about black box testing? I can still use that term right?

    What about black/grey/white hacker?

    What colour are they changing to?
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    We will need yellow and brown listing now
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    @nonsleep1 have you ever actually seen any non made-up repercussions for using the term 'blacklist'. I think this is stupid but it's pointless to frame it as 'leftists taking over'
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    @seagull this is so far left, the lefties find it stupid.
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    @skbs They're called that for a reason :)
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    @linuxxx so you are saying that only male can get into female ?
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    @skbs Then it'll be called that for a reason as well :)
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    @dder I'd think so, yeah
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