don't you think PWA is an attempt of Google to dominate web?
I have a product which is a PWA. It works fine on Google Chrome on Windows, but it sucks on safari.
Why my life is screwed because of these giants?

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    yes apple wants to piss off microsoft with their pwa desktop strategy (electron). So they deliberately don‘t implemented all pwa features.
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    No all PWA features are open standards
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    @ashish-deora yes of course they're just Javascript apis for the most part. Pretty much everyone except Apple supports them by now
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    Firefox has all of the standard implemented.
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    @Lor-inc yes. unfortunately, not my all users are on that browser.

    Tell me something, is there a way I can force a hyperlink to open on a specific browser instead of default browser of the os.

    For example, on windows, the below asks the user to open the URL on Edge:

    <a href="microsoft-edge:http://www.google.com">Click me</a>
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    @ashish-deora I don't think there is and it wouldn't be very friendly to do so. You should test for all the features your app needs, and if some are missing that you can't polyfill well you should inform the user in a popup that they should use any of a few recommended browsers.
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