A Windows User's view on computing

I have the blue screen of death again
You'll never hear me say
I'm happy with my computer
At the end of the day
my operating system
my choice
in programs i use and the features I've
i have complete control
over nothing
i lose sleep
worrying about getting viruses
microsoft patching vulnerabilities in time
i don't have time to think about
some thing better.
i've learned
to live with old software issues
There's no way i'm planning
to change, and
its worth it to me

A Linux User's view on computing
(read this bottom to top)

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    Speak for yourself.
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    This is great!
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    Linguistically brilliant! However, it reminds of the mystery that only Linux users get blue screens under Windows, though they don't use it, whereas those who use Windows don't get them.

    I use both OSes and neither get BSODs, nor kernel panics. Unless, of course, I install a driver from Huawei. Those can kill anything.
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    @cbsa Holy S**t man, that was poetic.
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    All I want is full access to my Steam library.
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    Nice. I'm actually quite happy with both systems though
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    How do to tell if a user uses linux?

    Don't worry he'll let you know.
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    @tahnik "Don't worry, he'll bore you to death."
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    since Windows 7, I can happily read this bottom up
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    @drRoss I'm slightly amused by the long litanies about how the 98% of users who chose a different desktop OS than Linux are either ignorant or too stupid to realise that they're not using the Only, True OS™.

    It's like the guy on the motorway noting that everyone else is going in the wrong direction.

    (BTW, I use both Windows and Linux, so no religion involved. I just think OS-religious zealots are, hrm, "psychologically interesting".)
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    @Grumpy It's OK to call them boring, I do it all the time.
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    Why am i singing this with portal music?
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    Great writer u r.
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    I don't agree, but great constrained writting.
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    Good thinking and write!
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