so few people have seen my 6 years java programming buddy. here's his newest python excel manipulating code and - naturally - inclusion of the allfunction - doNothing().

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    Banana shitter.
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    Maybe... Hitting him with 10 kV will be enough pain to restart his brain?

    Seriously, the code makes no sense... And I'm not talking about the quality...

    The whole code is a clusterfuck
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    Lil correction.... Looking at the weird doNothing function in your previous code and it's utilization here

    DoNothing is a log function. Declaration of variables maybe instead of outputting a string.

    Guess he outputs all declared variables.... It's guess work... Still clusterfuck.
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    @IntrusionCM Looks more like "I wanna be explicit, si I did it weirdly" kinda deal.

    Also, whatever happened to naming stuff "fruit"
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    Holy shit I want this guy to do an AMA here in devRant.
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    Let’s see what’s on today’s agenda...
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    buddy went bananas
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    argh, was typing that very late at work - just to be clear - I had to anonymise the variables because they'd give away where we worked. I guess I could've used something like 'AWS' and 'Azure' for vars. But still.

    Also, to reply @IntrusionCM - he's also written a doNothing in VBA. ...
    it does nothing.
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