Good people do exist after all

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    Look up the WTFPL
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    I like the Do Whatever The Fuck You Want To Public License
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    Making something free doesn't make you a "good person", nor does charging for something make you a "bad person".

    Getting pretty tired of this Fedora attitude of "anything that costs is the work of the devil".
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    Instructions unclear... will do nothing with this library.
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    This will not shield him from being sued due to client system damages caused by his original code. Should have gone the Apache License 2 route.
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    subject to the following conditions:

    The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

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    Look up Beerware license 😀
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    I use 'the appreciation license', my own variant of MIT.

    See for example: https://github.com/keigezellig/...
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    @keigezellig Lmao, thanks for the laugh.
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    5 years later you get sued on the grounds of doing something you didn't want, or not doing something you did want.
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