Any1 to direct to me a Writing API For Dummies pdf

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    Me too would like to get some blogs, videos or other sources for information about good interface and API design.
    I often write interfaces, small libs, and modules and would love to be able to skip some iterations...
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    I think it depends on the style you want to write it in. Either look for guides on a specific one, ie rest, soap, graph etc or if you don't know what you want look up a comparison.
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    I get to use my joke!
    APIs are like one night stands; they are really fun but when you screw up you support it for 18 years.
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    @M1sf3t let's go with Rest

    As I am developing a web chat app I want to develop a android app at some point instead of making it responsive

    So I want an API that will pass information to and from android app

    The easiest one to go with
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    @Taqsblaz3 so look up some beginner guides to rest. I get that you can't find a "How to write an api guide" but there's plenty of resources to learn rest. If you let something this simple trip you up after you already know what it is your looking for then your going to have a really bad time in this business.
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    If it’s about ReST, see swagger.io
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