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    You still use windows...

    Jokes aside, I still use win defender too, with real time protection disabled. I just hate antivirus software.
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    So snake oil is still a thing?
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    I use it because i don't want to install extra antivirus sw... But if you check stats around, defender is not bad
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    It's there... only because you can't disable it entirely.
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    Me too. It’s been some time since I checked, but back then it seemed like it was on par with a lot of its competitors in terms of recognising bad software.
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    It's just as good (or bad depending on your views) as the other AV software on Windows.
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    ne too, and innever had any troubles.

    windefender became pretty good, you know?
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    You also installed norton and avast at the same time and bought a valid license
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