How do you guys deal with the feeling/insecurity that you're too slow, especially when working from home?

I never know if my progress is enough, or if the rest of my team thinks I'm watching Netflix half the time.

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    Are you watching Netflix half of the time?
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    @Creep Or well.. let me put it different. Do you think your colleagues don't?
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    Did your parents give you the feeling that you‘re never good enough as a kid?
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    Just think of yourself that you are working at your normal relax pace while you are previously working in unsustainable fast mode.
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    Actually, I am more productive from home and spend less time on work. I spend only the hours I need to spend on work and move on to something else e.g reading or just lying about. When working from an office, there is a need to always be productive when sometimes it's not even necessary. You end up stressed but life doesn't always have to be stressful. This is the new normal.
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    @b4dev I do this, write down the things to do for the day. Helps keep track of pending items and tells me of the things I was able to complete and should be happy with for finishing.
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    Not everyone is #productive just focus on working and ask help from your workers of possible , work from home doesnt mean your always productive, adjustments takes time , relax ,code and seek help if possible
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